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The BIG Car Wash Survey!!

The BIG Car Wash Survey!!

There are lots of changes coming to the UK car wash industry, and we want to ensure that everyone has a say in what they are!

Take The BIG Car Wash Survey and it will help us understand how you want YOUR UK car wash industry to look! The Survey is totally anonymous and all we ask is the first part of your postcode, so that we can regionalise the answers.

Come and support us and get covered in bubbles! If you would like to have even more of a say and support us in our work, come and join us! It will cost you £10 for the year and comes with some great benefits!

If you join by 30th October 2018, your name will be placed in a draw for a case of Champagne! Simply click on the link, Become a Sandu Foundation Member (on the front page) and it will take you to our iZettle payment page!

It takes 15 Questions and 2 minutes of your time to change a industry!

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