About The Sandu Foundation

On the 19th August 2015 Sandu Laurentiu-Sava died whilst taking a shower at his lodgings which were both physically and financially linked to the unregulated car wash at which he worked. Sandu was a man who like many others came to the UK in the hope of providing a better life for his family. He did not ask for handouts or lodgings but was prepared to work hard and work hard he did until the day he was electrocuted in what can only be described as disgraceful living arrangements.

Could his death have been avoided, absolutely!

Regulations are already in place that had they been applied and enforced would have prevented his death and it is to that end that we intend to make some significant changes in the industry.

The Sandu Foundation, a not for profit organisation is now launching to make the changes needed to the industry.

Since 2007 we have been working to bring about change in the UK vehicle washing industry and whilst we have made some headway it has become clear that unless a different approach was taken to those that have been previously tried no change will ever be achieved. 
Currently we have a UK wash industry that is fragmented and overrun by unregulated vehicle washing sites (approximately 19,000 UK wide) and many of these are in this position because they do not have an understanding of what is legally required of them but many more of them simply use wash sites as a vehicle for illegal acts such as modern slavery, money laundering etc.

The Sandu Foundation is a not for profit organisation that will work to bring together government agencies, wash companies, workers, charities and the public to shape a new wash industry for the UK that will be fair and safe for all